What Makes for a GREAT book?

While beginning my journey as a blogger, I find myself asking: what is a GREAT book? Not a good book, a GREAT book.  One that excites you, makes you tired in the morning from reading so late at night the night before, or one that you find yourself telling your friends about! A lot of my friends know that I enjoy reading and often ask for book suggestions or ask my opinion of a certain book they are currently reading.   I quickly spit out: The Coldest Winter Ever, Me Before You, The Husband’s Secret, but why? Why are these books considered MY personal favorites?  Some can say a GREAT book is when the author captivates their audience from the beginning to end; or one in which the plot thickens mid-read causing you to continue the book journey.   Others may say it is simply a well written story with awesome content forcing you to think of things that you have never thought before.

But for me, the answer is simple:

A GREAT book is a book where you become one with the characters.

Each of the above mentioned books plus a dozen more take me on a journey that I never want to end. The characters become my friends, family, or even a person I wish I never knew.  I end up talking to my friends and making comments like “man I wish X character would stop being so nosey,” or “why does X character keep calling her ex?!”.  I end the book feeling tired (in a good way!), mentally wanting more, wondering why and what’s next for each character and how to apply their life lessons to my own. Sometimes I even want to take action, join a volunteer organization that work within the inner city, or visit a hospice and speak with the people that are ill.  This kind of connection makes a book GREAT!  So let’s hear it, what are reasons that make your favorite book GREAT!




If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all – Oscar Wilde

6 thoughts on “What Makes for a GREAT book?”

  1. To me a good book is one of those “oh just one more chapter” books or one where you read it and keep thinking and HAVE to know what happens … then when it’s over you’re lost without it


  2. I agree with your blog too. Movies never do a good job at portraying the book. I don’t think they have enough time to develop the character”

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    1. VERY GOOD POINT! With movies, they have to fit a lifetime of events in a 1.5 hour time due to people’s attention span lol. While it makes sense, I feel it does injustice to the person who appreciates the book.


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