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Current Read: Into the Water a Novel

IMG_4731This week I am traveling for work so I was ecstatic that I finished my last book in the Black Land Series (amazing by the way) and now I am able to start a new book.   I am about a third through the book and while I am surprised at the slow start, I am starting to really get into it.

This is a thriller book based out of an isolated English village of Beckford.   The twist of the book deals with the reader trying to figure out the cause of death of one character and determine if her death was in fact suicide or was she murdered for being a “nuisance” to the town.

Just like in Girl on the Train, each chapter is through the eyes of a different character. I will be honest, at first it is hard to figure out who is speaking but after a while you get the hang of it and the book flows.

If you are currently reading this thriller give me a shout!  I would love to hear your opinion!

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