Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Reading NOW

It is my 3 month anniversary as a blogger and I am so appreciative of you rocking with me this long! This experience has been wonderful and I look forward to what lies ahead as I continue this journey! Many have asked why I decided to start a book blog and my response is simple, I really enjoy reading <3.




Learning about places you have never been

Regardless of if it is real or not, it is sometimes nice to get out of your comfort zone and learn about a new place or even about a city in which you have been to but didn’t know a certain place or community issue existed! I will never forget reading the Black Land series and finding about Detroit and what the city had to offer. My husband and I consider ourselves travelers and I found myself wanting to go there and even visit some of the places listed and because of this book, we are planning to make a trip in 2018.

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Conquering Challenges

Who doesn’t love a good challenge to keep you motivated! There are loads of book challenges in places like Pinterest that give you a list of books you need to read by like the end of the summer, year, month etc. Due to being in a book club, I challenge myself to read 3 books a month, 2 books from the book club and one book of my choosing. While this may be challenging for some, and I don’t always reach my goal; having an actual goal to seek is always nice and good for the soul!


Learning about new things

This is where my audiobooks come into play. If school was free, I promise I would be a professional student lol! I love to learn but for now, my Master’s degree will be my stopping point and reading will take its place. Gaining strategies about negotiating, marriage advise, or ways to be a better person is always a win for me. “Who Moved My Cheese”, “Year of Yes”, “Everyday a Friday” are just a few audiobooks in which I have learned ways to better myself as a person.



Claiming “Me time”

Kimmiecup knows how to zone out when reading! Like previously mentioned in my post discussing practical ways to find time to read; I have mastered zoning out while working out. I have a thing in which I hate stopping in the middle of a page so even my husband has mastered requesting to know when I am at a stopping point so he can have my attention (HA!). But guys, “me time” is very important and I encourage all of you to consider grabbing a book during your me time. This is a time to refresh your mind body and soul and do something you enjoy!



Connecting With Others

This is one of my favorite reasons! I love talking to people and connecting in different ways. Since the release of my blog, so many people have shared their favorite book and I can literally see the passion and I love it! Unless you broadcast it, many people don’t mention that they are readers. As a matter of fact I feel there are a lot of closet readers out there who I feel should shout it to the mountain tops that this is their hobby! I for one love to know who reads and who doesn’t because then I know who to go to for reading suggestions! Every time I mention I am an avid reader so many people are like “oh I want to get into reading” or “omg have you read xyz?!”. It is so much fun to see and we end up talking for hours at times lol.


So let’s hear it, why do you love to read and why do you think others should share your passion?


53 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Reading NOW”

  1. I used to love reading. I’ve read my first book when I was 5 and after that I was indulging books like crazy. My summer was mostly just reading and going to the library and back. But now? I only read a couple of times a year (textbooks not included) and even then, those are self-improvement books. I really have to start reading more…


  2. I do agree, its just hard to find the time. I use my commute these days to listen to audio books and podcasts. I’ve gotten so much inspiration from them, and learned so much. I now look forward to my daily 3 hour commute!


    1. Man, I couldn’t imagine a 3 hour commute each day! That definitely a prime time to get some good reading in! Thanks for stopping by!


    1. hahahah everyone does rely on the internet! Sometimes its best to get away from that lol Thanks for stopping by!


    1. The internet has made it so easy for society to get some form of reading! I am glad to see you taking advantage! Happy reading!


  3. Oh I can so relate to this. The first book I read was 20,000 leagues under the sea and it changed me forever. I used to pretend I was Captain Nemo and even spoke with a French accent, I was like 10 years old! My dad is a total bookworm and always gave us books for Christmas. I prefer books to audio books as I feel I can’t really follow! I’d rather read. Congratulations on your 3rd-month anniversary!


    1. I am currently listen to The Alchemist and I find myself having to rewind because my mind has drifted off. It is such a good book I don’t want to miss anything but I tend to do more multi-tasking when listening to audio-books lol. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. Oh I LOVE this…I’m a book reader. There is huge value in reading and I have learned and grown as a person from the books I have read.


    1. Isn’t it great! Reading is something no one else can take away from you and I love it! Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Hey Kimmie,

    I sooo love your list of reasons for reading. I’ve had such a long list of excuses for why I can’t lately, and usually, it’s a time issue. My compromise has been audio books, so I still get to explore new places but also work at the same time.


    1. Audio books are definitely the way to go! I get so much done while listening to them! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


  6. great blog post, nicely put together with the photos and the text working really well. I am a big reader, always have been, so many of the points you made resonate with me. thanks for sharing


  7. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Well, books always make me wanna travel! When i first read Haruki Murakami and the Norwegian wood i wanted to visit Tokyo and Japan! when i read Rosamunde Pilcher i wanted to visit Cornwall and yes, wish i could visit any place i discover in the books.


  8. Love this! I’m an avid book reader and agree with everything you said! I didn’t know about the Pinterest reading challenges so I will be checking those out! Thanks!

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  9. I recently started a ladies book club ! Yay ! lol I love to read but haven’t been as I should, I’m thrilled to be back on the bookworm wagon. Reading opens my mind to different perspectives and soothes my nerves.

    Love your points… great blog

    Cheers 🙂


    1. Ahhh! I wish I lived near you, I would sooo join your book club! And boom worming is the only way to be hehehehe. Thanks for stopping by! And encourage your book club ladies to follow my blog! 😬


      1. Hi Kimmie!

        I KNOW right! And I will do … I know I commented before, but I read it again LOL… you are 3 months, I started on 14th June, 2017 – so we are two newbies to blogging. Keep posting dear!!!
        What are you reading now? Our first book we selected for August is Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers…


      2. Yay for being a newbie! I am currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Caelho and also Opium by Desiree! Let me know how your first meeting goes! I am proud of you for getting one started!

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  10. Kimmie;
    I just loooooooove your blog and having conversations with you. You are such an inspiration to all of us readers. I love reading and find my self always reading leadership books. I would love to start listening to books on tape.

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  11. Great post! Really makes me want to get back into reading, but sometimes I just don’t feel like I have the time. Always looking out for good recommendations, though. Thank you!


  12. Ok, i can only say I do not read at all. The last book a was reading when i was a kid. Today when i receive a book it is on my shelf which might be empty. But i read online and more than newspapers or magazines


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