Favorite Relationship Book for an Engaged or Newlywed Couple

I have officially been a married woman for six months now!  My husband Sekou and I met in 2010 and were fast friends.  We started dating in 2014 and became engaged the end of 2015.  My parents were ECSTATIC that we were engaged. My mom made the announcement at my bridal party “thank God Kim FINALLY found the one” (thanks mom).  But with finding the one comes work.  One just doesn’t have a successful marriage, one works towards one.  My parents have been married for 35 years (whoop whoop!) and I can easily and confidently say they are still crazy for each other just as they were in their early 20’s.  Therefore, once the big engagement was announced I began asking about their secrets on how to have a successful marriage.  They quickly said they had something for us next time my now husband and I visited (hehehe PRESENTS!).  When we arrived to my parents’ house a few weeks later they did their normal “we are proud of you spill” and then produced these wonderful books!


8 Great Ways to Honor your Husband/ 8 Great Ways to Honor your Wife

Yay more reading!  Now Sekou isn’t much of a reader but as you all know, I am.  In the car, we both decided that we would read the book together and compare notes. This worked out quite nicely because we were starting marriage counseling around the same time and we could use the book and counseling to connect the dots and see what we come up with.   I was for sure thinking I would have to bug Sekou about reading the book and beg him to finish a chapter in order for us to continue but you know what, I didn’t have to at all! He really, really enjoyed the book and nearly surpassed me!!

 I said NEARLY… come on guys :).

8 Great Ways to Honor your Husband discusses how we are uniquely able to honor our husband the way no one else can.  Both books are super special because the wife wrote how to honor your husband and the husband wrote how to honor your wife!  The books give practically ways to pray, listen, and provide a peaceful home to your spouse and family.  It explains that honoring your spouse actually provides a personal fulfillment that only people in relationships can experience.

I asked Sekou why he enjoyed 8 Great Ways to Honor your Wife and he told me that it was practical and it reinforced the things that we learned in marriage counseling with our church.  He also said the author gave super practical examples that he can see us facing in our future.  He states that it focuses on things such as trusting her instincts, helping her grow in her gifts, and using words wisely.  Sekou goes on to say that these are very important and things he would want to implement with us.

It was a fantastic book! So fantastic that Sekou and I decided to provide these books to our bridal party along with other goodies.  It’s your turn!  What are some relationship books that you guys are reading that is bettering you and your partner as a couple?




PS.  Sekou says happy reading!

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