Gift Guide: For Book Lovers


Black Friday is practically here! Christmas is just around the corner, can you believe how fast 2017 has been!?  This Black Friday I want to make it easy for you and provide a gift guide for all book lovers

“The Book was Better” Sweatshirt

My sister bought this sweatshirt for me for my birthday and I am unhealthily obsessed with this thing!  If you are looking for a sweatshirt that is fashionable yet relaxing then you must purchase it! Not only is it insanely comfortable but it’s warm and a conversation starter.  Just be prepared for people to ask you what book was better haha!  You won’t be disappointed in this gift.

Amazon Gift Card

I buy all my books from Amazon, hard and digital, so this gift is the best way for me to continue and also take advantage of Amazon Prime.  Side note, if you don’t have Amazon Prime you are TRULY missing out.  Not only do your items come in 2 days but you also get free books occasionally!  Who doesn’t like free books!

Coffee/Tea Mug

As a tea drink I have an appreciation for a good mug.  Naturally it has to be cute!!  There are soo many cute ones on Amazon that is was hard for me to choose, but of course I couldn’t resist and got this one!

Book Shelf

So there are your traditional bulky bookshelves and bookshelves such as this one.    This floating shelf has a base that is concealed by the books and the heroine is attached with a magnet. Amazon of course have men super hero bookshelves but we alllll know women run the world!  I don’t have one of these but it is definitely a cool addition to my office, hint hint 🙂

Book Art

My DIY-ers, I haven’t forgotten about you! There was this really cool wooden art that I saw one time that was a person’s initials with the pages to their favorite book wrapped around the canvas.   It doesn’t seem super difficult and I believe is a pretty cool and creative way to showcase your love for reading!

Reading Light

An ideal evening in a book lovers mind is reading right before bed, well not everyone shares your obsession with a good book lol!  A reading light is a good way to stay up all night if you would like but it also allows your significant other to rest in peace as well. That always a plus for both parties!

Happy Holidays and remember Christmas is about love, family, and Jesus’ birthday!  I pray each and every one of you enjoy the holidays and as always, HAPPY READING!!


7 thoughts on “Gift Guide: For Book Lovers”

  1. Great idea’s! Drinking it off a cute mug in a comfy sweatshirt is the perfect combo when reading a new book. Add in a little bit of soft rain on a porch and the scene comes together nicely.

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