Even though we love books, sometimes we are so busy that we don’t have time to always research what book we want to read next. Yes we can go to social media for popular opinions or take a poll but what if books, not just any books, but top books just fall into our lap ready for the next reading adventure?

Well this actually exist! 

Book subscriptions are the easiest and fastest way to find great reads.  This is a new find for me and I think it is a fantastic idea to help you keep up with new reads, and also stay on track with any reading goal that you may have set for the year!  After doing some digging, here are the book subscriptions that I believe you would really enjoy:


Book of the Month

I follow Book of the Month on Instagram and I think their concept is really neat! Each month they provide a selection of 5 books that they believe their members would enjoy reading, once you have selected the book of your liking, they send it to you for your enjoyment.  Because they are such an awesome company, they sometime provide little book surprises within the box!  It is important to note that you can always skip a month if you choose. The subscription is $14.99 (which is the average cost of a book) BUT $9.99 per book if you want more than one book.

Hello Book Lover


How cute is this name! This is a book box dedicated to women! This subscription starts at $28.00 a month plus shipping and you choose from two books each month.  The books are shipped the first week of each month and not only come with a book but also a few goodies as well! This subscription also has a forum on their website in which you can discuss that month’s book with others who are reading it. Kind of like an intimate Goodreads.


The Bookish Box

“The team for the Bookish Box is a subscriptions for stylish “bookworms.” So this is my kind of company! This subscription is for the ladies who love fun and fashion!  (Sorry guys!). Each month subscribers receive a shirt along with beauty and fashion items that celebrate reading. They have cute things besides the shirt such as coffee mugs, bags, make-up bags, and book marks. In addition there are options that allow you to add a book to your box if you choose.  The subscription price is based on the kind of box you want each month, however the starting price is $39.00 a month.

Cozy Readers Club 

I will admit, this one seems kind of pricey but when you see all the items you get, it may be worth it! Cozy Readers Club is dedicated to “me time”.  Each month they send you EVERYTHING you would need in order to cozy up with a good book. Things listed that you would receive include, homemade items, different teas, coffees, and hot chocolates, and of course a book.  This subscription is very popular, it has been promoted on BuzzFeed, InStyle, and even Bravo.  The box starts at $64.95 a month.


Are any of you taking advantage of book subscriptions? Regardless of if you are or not, I hope you are pushing forward on your reading goals this year! Happy Reading!





  1. I like the ideas of extras (particularly chocolate). I think I would rather have them pick me books rather than picking books myself. Then it’s a surprise. Like real mail.

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  2. OMG! This is a super useful resource!! I absolutely love reading, but have no time😔. Your post is re-inspiring me to MAKE time!

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  3. Love this but I rarely like the books in the book of the month box. I may like book lover though. 2 books for $30 is not bad at all.

    Currently loving audible though for the book lover who doesn’t have time to sit down and read anymore!

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