Lets be honest, you either love or hate audiobooks! I was recently discussing books with a friend and he expressed how he wasn’t much of a reader but like many people, he wanted to expand and begin reading more.  He stated that he was a big podcast guy and decided that audiobooks was his best bet to ease his way back into reading but believed it was cheating….

Okay so as most of you know, I read on average two to three books a month.  I read a book and also listen to audiobooks. I’m typically reading fiction novels, book club novels etc. and my audiobook collection are typically self help, life improvement type books that make me think and enhance my life for the better.  My life is to much on the move and any way I find time to read I am going to take it.  So hearing that audiobooks are considered “cheating” is crazy to me!  In a world full of non-readers, getting people to read period or wanting to read is pretty darn awesome to me.


Let me set the records straight, I do get why people enjoy actually reading a book.  The idea of being able to highlight important passages, reference different sections with ease and the simple fact that some people just like to have an old fashion touch a book experience.  These are all super understandable, but I also believe in progressive change.  Lol. I’m also biased because I am a book blogger who pretty much only has ebooks.  The thought of an actual book frustrates me lol.  Only because I want to have my book with me at all time and my purse isn’t big enough to have my wallet, ALL of my lipsticks, AND my 800 page book! (priority guys ;))

Here are a few reasons why I believe audiobooks are NOT cheating:

  1. Educating yourself should have no limits, regardless of how the information is fed to you, who cares what channel you use?
  2. The art of multi-tasking is magical! While in traffic why not change it up and listen to a book that can one day be a conversation starter or change your life?
  3. Everyone has a phone right? Meaning, you will always have your book with you!  Life is full of busy moments so when there is down time, it is important to use it wisely!
  4. More then likely you will breeze through an audiobook way faster then reading a book. Who doesn’t want to finish a book fast so you can start another one?!
  5. Listening to the actual author read their material is actually insanely dope. You don’t have to guess how the author was feeling and thinking about different parts of a book because you can actually tell based on their tone. The passion is unreal and really cool to experience.
  6. If you really really like the book you are listening to, you can ALWAYS buy the book and read it too. I promise, it’s totally okay and the author will love you for doubling up on their literature lol.
  7. When we think of the word “cheating”, it implies an unfair advantage, meaning receiving a benefit without doing all the work. PET PEEVE!  Reading isn’t work, it is pleasure! In my opinion,  saying audiobooks are cheating is like meeting a friend at a restaurant and saying oh you rode the bus here? Well I drove myself, you big cheater!  How is that cheating if the main goal is to meet for dinner and have a good time?


What are your thoughts?  Do you believe audiobooks are cheating? Until we meet again, 🙂   Happy reading!



  1. Great post!
    I often suggest that my students listen to an audiobook of a set text that we’re studying, especially if they’re not strong readers. It really enhances their understanding of the book.


  2. You know, I’ve seen the ebook vs. physical book dozens of times. But this is a new one. I can only think of a couple people who review both physical and audio books. Personally, I can’t do audio books. I’ll sit and read for 8 hours no problem, but listening seems so much harder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it has its moments but when it’s a really good book… you tend to be all in! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


    1. You should definitely check it out! You will be pleasantly surprised at how easily you are able to multi-task! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


  3. I agree with you. They have done a lot of neat stuff with the actual audio in audio books. I have never listened to a book, however. I am so fearful that I’ll basically miss the whole thing because I am the very opposite of an auditory learner! 😦


    1. hahahahaah I sometimes go back and forth between reading and listening. Just having the option is nice. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

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