It is unreal to me that I have been a blogger for a full year now! This experience has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.  A lot of people ask me why I started my blog and what motivates me to continue to write so I have listed a few fun facts about Kimmiecup’s Catalog to share!



I originally started my blog after my wedding because I felt I needed a project to keep me busy.

Planning a wedding was a full time task.  I had amazing wedding planners that helped with the stress but I was still very hands on in executing my husband and my dream day.  Once the glorious day was over I literally felt lost! I’m not much of a TV person so my afternoons were filled with mindless social media scrolls with no sense of purpose.

As you all know, I read while doing a lot of my cardio.   One day I had just finished a book and this blog idea hit me like a ton of bricks!

“Why don’t I create a blog about books!”

I mentioned this idea to my husband and he was all for it; he encouraged me to think of a way my book blog would be different from other book blogs.  This is where my idea of MOTIVATING people to read came into play.  Most book blogs are geared toward book reviews etc. but I wanted to find a way to connect with my audience and encourage my peers who weren’t so fond of reading that it was okay to be a reader and ways to achieve this goal.

I was totally shocked watching Kimmiecup’s Catalog help me grow as a person

As a book blogger, naturally I have to enjoy reading (duh!). But the catch is, this blog has skyrocketed my passion for reading. By creating the blog I have been able to truly connect with people and provide encouraging words, book suggestions and more.  This blog has also opened the door to a lot of books that I didn’t know that I would enjoy. If I wanted to be considered “the book woman”, I couldn’t simply read one kind of book.  Variety is key!

Do I have my moments where I am burnt out with reading?  Heck yea!  But this is the time that I don’t push it; I simply take a break lol.  It’s simple, a hobby is not a hobby if you get super burnt out.



I really do average 3-4 books a month

How?  LOL I know, I know…. Everyone wants to know how I am able to read so much and be a functioning member of society.  I am actually a very social person!  So here is my secret…..  I am a digital reader; therefore my books are with me at all times. If there is downtime (during lunch, right after work, while you are relaxing, before bed, etc.) I am probably reading. Ya’ll remember I don’t really watch TV so that is good reading time too.  While hubby is watching the game or whatever, it is not uncommon for me to zone out and read a book (I am the worst at delayed cheering hahahaha). Also I workout 4-5 days a week so that is a minimum 30 minutes of reading while doing cardio. BUT most importantly, thanks to good old growing Nashville, my work commute, which can be up to 45 minutes, is filled with listening to audiobooks.

Kimmiecup’s Catalog is my baby BUT it doesn’t really take up a lot of my time

I admire fashion bloggers, they put in A LOT of time blogging.  Between fashion shoots, sponsorships and promoting, they are easily pulling a 9-5 just with their blog.  My blog is very different.  The bulk of my time is spent reading so I can share things with you guys.  To be honest, I write post in bulk in order to maximize my time. I got this idea from my pastor who actually writes all his sermons a year in advance.  Preparation is the key. Therefore when it is time to post, I can simply focus on promoting and letting people know there is content out there to read.   I am not in a stage in blogging where I am monetizing anything. Would that be cool?  Yea eventually!  But right now I really am focused on helping people and encouraging people to be motivated to read!  Within the year, my blog has been featured on a couple of other sites, I have been asked to collaborate with other bloggers, and I have even been asked to speak on a podcast on reading.  This is what makes it all meaningful to me. Money isn’t always important if you are able to help others!

My favorite moments of being a blogger are priceless

Lastly, the highlight of being a book blogger is when people come up to me and say “I see you read a lot, have you read XYZ”…. I get so much joy when I am able to say yes and we are able to go back and forth about the book!  It is always great when someone is speaking and I can give a book suggestion that will help them with their issue or provide insight on bettering themselves.  There is nothing more special then being able to connect with someone about something positive!

As you can see, Kimmiecup’s Catalog has honestly helped me way more then I ever thought possible.  I encourage you to think of ways to help others by using your hobbies and talents, I promise you it’s the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself!


Happy reading!



7 thoughts on “KIMMIECUP’S CATALOG TURNS 1!”

  1. Congrats! Your passion for reading is clearly seen in this post! I’m a new book blogger and it was inspiring to read about your reading and blogging experiences.


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