What is Goodreads?

Goodreads is a free website for book lovers like yourself! It is easily one of the coolest things any reader could ever sign up for.   Not only is it free (hurray!), but it helps you decide what books to read next, shows you what books your friends are reading, and provides discussion boards, ratings, and so much more.  Below are reasons why Goodreads is worth considering:



img_5908Goodreads allows you to scan books that are not on your Goodreads library shelf. I don’t know about you, but I like to have my book collection at my fingertips! When people ask me about book suggestions, based on the person asking, I grab my phone, do some scrolling and a quick point, and in turn have a happy future reader in front of me. But… for my non-digital readers you may have a little issue with that.  BUT FEAR NO MORE, with Goodreads, just scan the back of the book and the book is digitally placed in your “library” for future review.  You now have access to provide a review for the book and make suggestions to your friends.


img_5912You can add friends and see their book collection/ book reviews. Like mentioned before, some people are closet readers (lol).  When I signed up for Goodreads I was able to request friends based on my Facebook friend’s list; I was able to add quite a few people who I didn’t even know were avid readers!   What is even more awesome is that I was also able to find a future guest blogger (new post coming soon!) based on reviewing her library and seeing quite a few interesting books that I wouldn’t have even known about!

Goodreads provides a list of the best books of the year. Sometimes I just don’t want to go digging for great books, sometimes I just want them to fall in my lap.  This could be my millennial mind surfacing (another conversation for another day lol) but Goodreads helps with this!  Why search when you have a one stop shop for finding the best books of the year instantly.  What’s really cool is that the list is categorized by genre and if there is a book on your library shelf that made the list they will highlight it!


Goodreads keeps you in the loop for new releases based on your favorite genre choice. When you sign up for Goodreads, they do a quick assessment to determine your favorite kind of books/genres. This is great because you are in the know when your favorite author releases new books, or even when a popular book within your favorite genre releases.

Readers can join open forums about books that they have read.  I used this feature recently when I read “Into the Water”.  After reading the book I felt super dumbfounded at the lack of appreciation I had for the book.  When visiting the Goodreads forum, I was instantly at ease!  A LOT of other readers felt the way I felt and they even answered the questions that puzzled me while reading the book.  I also was able to see other perspectives on the book and put in my two cents on how I felt about the read.

Lastly, Goodreads allows you to save books and place them on your “to read” bookshelf. How many times have you discussed a book or saw a book that you were like OMG, once I finish this one book I will definitely start that one; only to forget about the book soon afterwards? This eliminates that issue for you. A quick scan or search within their site will allow you to save the book for future review!


My dear avid readers as you can see, there are SOOO many great features within Goodreads!  Once you sign up (because I know you will ;)) do a search and add me!  My user on Goodreads is Kim Tyler!



21 thoughts on “What is Goodreads?”

  1. Hey I’m a huge fan of Goodreads! And this is an amazing article I’ve stumbled upon, book lovers will surely love this!


  2. I am using goodreads for a long time..
    Of course it is good but not worth to share your content.. Personal blogs are still best…
    GoodReads give you a huge audience to tell your opinion..
    Now I used it to write a part of my review and leave a link to my blog for complete review.
    GoodReads is best among all surely

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like Goodreads but i always forget to check the progress of my readings or to update my list with my new books. Great presentation dear!


    1. Nope.. Android app has not improved much.. Still slow and take time to load.. Not good ui.
      But I use it to update my books.


  4. Really good information. I have blog about books reviews and sometimes it gets a bit hard to keep up with what the new books are and the ones that people like the most. I will definitely have a look at Goodreads now! 🙂


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