Book Review: 4th Quarter Book Round up

2017 is coming to an end and I have been reflecting on the books I’ve read this year.  I have ended the year reading 21 books and I am so happy with my reading selection!  With that being said, it is only right that I share my favorite 4th quarter books that I believe you should check out.

The Hearts Invisible Furies 


Author: John Boyne

Pages: 592

Published date: 8/22/2017

So this is my number one pick for multiple reasons!  I was totally fascinated by the fact that the book highlighted the main character Cyril Avery’s full life.  It starts with his teen mom being kicked out of her small town in Ireland due to pregnancy through present day.   Ya’ll I swear I listened to this book every day for HOURS… I even listened to it driving to a girls trip and returning from my girls trip and it was still not done.  It took me about 2 full/dedicated weeks to finish the book.  You would think this was a bad thing but it wasn’t. I was so invested haha!  Any time I was in the car it was game time and I was always talking about it!

Okay so about the book, you know I don’t like to give anything away so I will keep the explanation brief.  The book is about main character Cyril Avery who is born out of wedlock in 1940 in Ireland.  WEDLOCK guys, in the NINETEEN FORTIES, so you already know the book starts off crazy.   The reader works their way through Cyril’s life and watches as he learns himself, accepts the person that he is, and learns what the definition of love and family is.  This book will literally make you laugh, cry, cheer the character on and even reflect on your own personal life.

So I need one of you to read this ASAP so we can discuss :).



Author: Sophia Amoruso

Pages: 256

Published date: 9/29/2015

#GirlBoss was my professional pick me up.  I wanted/ needed a little pep in my step,  “you got this girl” motivation and #GirlBoss was just that.  CEO and mastermind of Nasty Gal shares her secrets to success and how she uniquely became the owner of a vintage clothing line that originally started as a mini Ebay store.  Success tips that I go out of the book included, writing down and repeating things that you want to happen in your life.  So for example, if I want to be a successfully blogger, everything around me has to represent that.  When I am at work my laptop password should be something like bookblog, bloglife, blog2win, etc (don’t y’all try and break into my work laptop!).  Or anytime I open up my phone something there should remind me of my goal of being a successful book blogger.  Your eye must be on the prize guys and Sophia gives you rock solid advise on how to get there.

Her story is special because it explains that she was not only a professional hitchhiker at one point in her life, but she also couldn’t keep a job, committed petty theft, and was a school drop out.  While this is all insane to me since I am so structured in how I approach life; she makes a great point.  Why must we live this life doing things we hate?  When we find our passion, we succeed.  She was obsessed with vintage clothes and the rest is history!

Still totally obsessed with Year of Yes (Shonda YOU’RE MY GIRL!) but team #GIRLBOSS!

The Nest 


Author: Cynthia D’ Aprix Sweeney

Pages: 368

Published date: 4/4/2017

The Nest was super interested and cute!  Every family naturally has their problems but the Plumb family is a different kind of family!  I am a huge family person and to see the drama of this family made me huge my family just a little bit harder!  The book is similar to “Into the Water”, as in, each chapter is from a different character’s perspective. Lucky it is not nearly as confusing and there aren’t so many characters that you get overwhelmed.   

The book is based on three siblings with their own personal issues dealing with their charismatic yet irresponsible brother losing their portion of a trust fund that they all relied on.  Each chapter engulfs you into each sibling’s need to succeed, yet the battles they face getting there.  Like stated before, the book makes you appreciate your family and reminds you that at the end of the day family and friendships with see you to the end.

The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage


Author: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Pages: 240

Published date: 12/26/2007

Growing up my parents would always listen to Dr. Laura on the radio during long car rides.  Even as a kid I thought she was a little aggressive but spunky.  She told it how it was and that was that, you either liked it or you didn’t. When I ran across this book I was very curious on her take on “feeding” a marriage.  Dr. Laura in my opinion is SUPER #teamman. Lol I wouldn’t classify myself as a feminist and don’t get me wrong, I am truly a team player when it comes to my relationship and I am crazy about my man, but ya’ll CLEARLY women run the world☺.  However Dr. Laura nicely reminded me that thinking that way is probably not a good idea in the long run (Beyoncé clearly thinks differently!).

Okay so to be honest I had a few *eye rolls* (OKAY A LOT) and a few times while listening my husband would side-eye and comment at her perspective on different topics; but her advice and suggestions were very much appreciated.  What can I say, she’s aggressive, BUT I was able to hear what other people who have been in relationships for a while struggle with and ways to make sure my husband and I take steps to not make the same mistakes. The book highlights what both men and women love and hate about the opposite sex, the danger of being an ultimate feminist, and the power of taking care of your spouse no matter what. Proactively reading marriage and relationship books before there are any issues or problems is something that my husband and I decided to implement to keep us sharp and aware and this book was a good one to keep in our back pocket.

If anyone has or plans to read the following books let me know!  I would love to discuss them with you! Happy reading!


13 thoughts on “Book Review: 4th Quarter Book Round up”

  1. Great review in the books. You have me intrigued with the first book. You seemed engrossed in that one the most. I agree about Dr. Laura. She is a bit aggressive, but I do find general ly what she says is right on.


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